Kennebbec Cafe in Fairfield, Maine

At the suggestion of trencherman Razz we decided to check out the Kennebec Cafe in Fairfield. The KC is known for breakfast (they close at noon) and serves more than 30 kinds of donuts. After much deliberation we decided on six different ones that we would share among our party of six. The expectations were high for the house specials, but in the end, the simplest one – the olive oil donut – was deemed the best. THe chocolate coconut was good too, but certainly didn’t need two “Almond Joy” chocolates stuck to the top- they were just too much. For the main course, I had an excellent dish with homemade hash (nice and chunky), house baked bread, poached eggs. I would go back to KC but not for the donuts.

3 thoughts on “Kennebbec Cafe in Fairfield, Maine

  1. The simpler donuts were definitely the better. The second and third ones pictured — the almond joy and the strawberry shortcake — were the most overwrought and the least successful. The best to me were the raspberry lemon ricotta, the strawberry rhubarb, the triple coconut (the one with shredded coconut on top), the olive oyl, and the very chocolaty one. There was also a maple donut that was deemed not so good by Mrs. BobinVA. So, choose wisely and you will be rewarded with very good donuts.


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