Portland – A Photo Diary

June 9, 10 & 12, 2011

Nosh Before we even checked into our hotel, we stopped at Nosh on Congress Street. Disappointed they no longer had the ‘pig belly apple pie’ sandwich we instead ordered a ‘Thanksgiving’ sandwich with turkey, cranberry and stuffing and an order of bacon dusted fries. Nosh fires are made from Norwiss potatoes supplied to them by R. Belanger & Sons in Lewiston, Maine. I don’t know if it was Rick’s spuds, but they were some of the tastiest fries I have had in a long time. A trencherman friend suggested they were fries not once, or twice but more than likely 3 times.
Standard Baking company for morning buns and fruit tarts. Next stop, Duck Fat for duck panini and fries

Fore Street restaurant for ‘heavy apps’ – ginger martini with fresh grapefruit juice to start, raw fish selection, oysters, grilled mussels, grilled squid, grilled pizza (which look like and tasted like a frozen Boboli pizza (although the cheese and pepper topping was delicious)

Scratch Baking for bagels (yes bagels in Portland) and a razzberry bar

Miccuci’s for pizza slabs – fresh out of the oven and sfogiatelle (not my favorite)

Otto’s for two slices of pizza

Fishermen’s Grill for some of the freshest lobster rolls and a basket of sweet, sweet fried clams

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