Le Petit Flore – Lyon France

September 8, 2009

After reading an article in the New York Times calling Lyon France’s gastronomic heartland I decided a a quick trip down to Lyon was in order. After a quick train ride on the TGV and getting settled in my hotel I headed out in search of authentic Lyonnais cuisine. I had plotted 6 potential choices on my map and did a walk-by to determine where I’d have dinner and lunch the following day.

For dinner I settled on Le Petit Flore (19, rue du Garet – 69001 Lyon; 33 04 7827 2751 after reading the recommendation in the Times article. I started with a chilled Terrine de Sandre (white fish), which was served with lightly dressed greens and a fresh tomato coulis. The terrine was very light and the coulis was a nice accompaniment. Next up was the Gateau de Fois de Volaille (poultry livers) sauced with a reduction of red wine, stock and studded with lardons. This was served with Lyonnais potatoes and an eggplant souffle. For dessert I had the Clafoutis de Mirabelle (plums) which was a nice way to end the meal. All in all this was a very good meal and definitely worth the 24 euros.

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