Los Angeles Trip Report – Day 3

Day 3.

Lunch: Kiriko – Omakase – red snapper, blue fin tuna, smoked salmon with caviar, seared golden eye snapper, fresh scallop, Spanish makerel, sea eel, bonito, seared fatty tuna, and blue crab hand roll.

Dinner: AOC – prosciutto americano la quercia; beets burrata, local walnunts and balsamic salad; arroz negro with squid and saffron aïoli; cheese plate with tomme d’aydius pyrennees france (goat) ; der scharffe maxx hefenhofen switzerland (cow) and bleu des causses midi-pyrenees france (blue).- also tasted skirt steak with roquefort butter and crispy onions; cauliflower curry and red vinegar and crushed fingerlings with crème fraîche.

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