An EatWells LiveWells Weekend

October 2008

Last weekend we celebrated my birthday by EatingWells and LivingWells. On the way back from my son’s soccer game in Brooklyn (he won), we were diverted by heavy traffic on the BQE to just under the Brooklyn Bridge. We took the opportunity to have a quick pizza at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria on Old Fulton Street. We shared a large plain pie- just some sauce, basil, olive oil and fresh mozzarella cooked in a coal brick oven until the crust blistered and the bottom has just a touch of black. We enjoyed it lot. We then headed around the corner for some of Jacques Torres Chocolate. We shared apiece of dark chocolate bark with some espresso (my son tasted Torres’s famous hot chocolate). That night, we went to Le Perigord, one the few remaining classic French restaurants. We started with two glasses of Lillet and a Shirley Temple for our apperetif. Next my wife and I ordered the cold buffet and my son chose the escargot. For the plats principaux, we had halibut, bass and a filet of beef. Finally, for dessert, we had a chocolate souffle, chocolate mouse and apple tarte tatin. It was a lot of food and a lot fun and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday.

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