Le Comptoir du Relais, Paris

Yves Camdeborde’s Le Comptoir off the Boulevard Saint-Germain in the 6eme Arrondisement is packed every night. People actually wait in line (on line for New Yorkers) for a table which is something I have never seen before in Paris. I arrived early on a Sunday evening and was lucky enough to get a table outside just as the line was starting to form. I ordered a ‘planche cochonaille’ (which is a small cutting board with assorted chacuterrie) followed by a ‘salade de poulpe’ (octopus salad). I enjoyed these very much a with a ‘pot’ of Saumur rouge. Finally for dessert I ordered the caramel ice cream with sea salt. The rich, deep color fooled me into thinking I would taste the sweet cream first. Instead, it was the salt and then the caramel. That was unexpected but delicious just the same.

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