We had a quick meal last week at Terroir, chef Marco Canora’s wine bar in the East Village (Canora also owns Hearth and Insieme). The mid-block restaurant has a long communal table in addition to, of course, the bar. The aluminum stools were infinitely more comfortable than the wooden boxes you find at Momofuku or Momofuku Ssam.

We had a panino with duck ham, Taleggio cheese and hen-of-the-woods mushrooms (this comes apparently from Canora’s days at Craftbar), crisp risotto balls with beets and blue cheese; and lamb sausage with fresh sage.

We both agreed, the food was excellent. So was the bar service. However, I thought the “Summer of Riesling” t-shirts and posters were a bit out of place…. more appropriate in one of those chains from Seattle. The food and wine, like TERROIR, should speak for themselves.

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