Bastille Day 2008

I celebrated Bastille Day yesterday at my office with a French lunch. We had goose liver pate, cornichons, olives, saucisson, “French style” jambon from Niman Ranch of California, Lescure salted butter and four cheeses:

Chabichou du Poitou (won name-protection (AOC), guaranteeing the authenticity of its origin. It is made in the very small geographic area above the chalky soils of the threshold of Poitou, halfway between Paris and Bordeaux.); Camembert Chatelain (Camembert is an AOC cow’s milk cheese from the Normandy region in northern France) ; Delice de Bourgogne (a triple-cream from Burgundy) and finally a blue Fourme d’Ambert (Legend says it was already made at the time of the Druids and the Gauls; one of the oldest cheeses in France along with Roquefort. Made in the Monts de Forez of Auvergne. Since 2002it has had an AOC grade). We of course had a few baguettes. All this was paired with 2005 Domaine Jaume Côtes du Rhône Villages Vinsobres Altitude 420 (Vinsobres AOC was created only in 2005 , made Grenache (obligatory) and a blend of Syrah and/or Mourvedre). Finally for dessert we had a chocolate moose cake. I’m not sure we could have stormed the Bastille after that lunch.

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