Turkish Kitchen, New York Dec 2, 2007

On Sunday we went to Turkish Kitchen on Third Avenue in Manhattan.


We sat upstairs in the spacious, dimly lit room that warmed up considerably after we arrived. We started with a cold, mixed appetizer plate. It included stuffed grape leaves, Cacik (chick pea & tahini paste, seasoned with garlic and olive oil), humus and Yalanci Dolma (red kidney beans.) We requested a change but our waiter informed us that the “no substitution” rule was in effect and would not be waived. Despite our doubts, the beans were enjoyed by all. We also shared a Kofte, a patty stuffed with ground lamb and spices.

For the main courses, lamb was the star. We had it as pirzola (baby chops), donner kebab (vertically grilled over rice); Yogurtlu Karisik (combination of lamb and chicken. chargrilled, served with garlic yogurt and tomato sauces on pita bread) and another kebab dish served over eggplant. We also had a chicken kebab dish served with potatoes. All this was washed down with a few Efes beer, a Turkish Lager.

We finished the meal with two desserts- Baklava (very thin layers of dough with walnuts in between layers) and Kunefe (shredded wheat with pistachio and cheese soaked in syrup and baked in oven).

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